Bohol Area Information


Baclayon ChurchBaclayon Church / Museum

Dauis Church :One of the oldest churches in the Philippines. A remarkable collection of religious Arts, ecclesiastical vestments and other priceless 16th century relics artifacts are kept.


Blood Compact Site
Our lady of Assumption Shrine.

Blood Compact Shrine Identifies the spot where
Datu Sikatuna, a native Chieftain forged a
blood compact with
Don Miguel Lopez de Legazpi representing the
King of Spain for the purpose of fostering
friendly relations between the countries.


Dolphin Watching

Dophin/Whale Watching enjoy the playful dolphin jumping



Balicasag Island

Balicasag Island Island Hopping...




Panglao - BoholWhite Beaches of Alona, Panglao
Satisfy your desire for fun under the sun...

Swimming in the dazzling powdery white sand beaches of Panglao, bohol...




Tarsier See The Tarsier Smallest Primate in the world...



Loboc River - Bohol

Loboc River A refreshing cruise down the Loboc River surrounded by trees with the promise of charming waterfalls at the end.


Chocolate Hills - Bohol
Chocolate Hills
One of the wonders of the world.

 1,776 coned-shaped hills scattered in 6 towns.



Hinagdanan Cave

Hinagdanan Cave -  a cave on Panglao Island,
 in Bohol Province, in the Philippines. It is a
naturally lighted cavern with a deep lagoon
 and many large stalactites and stalagmites.
The cave is part of the Chocolate Hills,
a large, geologically unique karst region and
protected natural monument.
The cave is lit by sunlight which filters through
 holes in the ceiling.

Alona Beach, Punglao, Bohol